Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Emmy Schoonbeek, embroiderer and TAST fiber book

(Above: Emmy Schoonbeek's Garden. Art quilt. 18" x 16 1/2". Hand and machine embrodiery. Beading. Click on image to enlarge.)

Emmy Schoonbeek, of The Netherlands, is the fantastic embroiderer who has created a fiber book from her TAST challenge of 2008. I've created a video of this wonderful art book. Her hand stitching is just amazing. Along with the fiber TAST book, Emmy sent Garden and Overvloed to be displayed at CYBER FYBER.

(Above: Detail of Garden. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Overvloed by Emmy Schoonbeek. 15 1/4" x 17 1/4". Hand embroidery and beading. Needle felting. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Overvloed. Click on image to enlarge.)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Annica Lindsten, Sweden

(Above: Looking Closely. Handpainted silk fabric, needlefelted with wool fibers. Handstitched. 14" x 10". Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Looking Closely. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Far Away. Hand-painted silk fabric, needlefelted with wool fibers. Handstitched. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Far Away. Click on image to enlarge.)

Annica Lindsten is a fabulous embroiderer in Sweden. She was influential with the 2008 Swedish Embroidery Symposium. Because of her blog-promotions, an international faculty was selected and international students (like me!) attended. Below are some of the earlier words that had been this blog post!

(Above: Annica, Sara Lechner, and I in Stockholm!)

UPDATE! August 2008!
The experience of going to Sweden, meeting blogging buddy Annica, taking class with Tilleke Schwarz, getting to know Sara Lechner, and stitching with fellow fiber enthusiasts from Sweden and beyond was WONDERFUL! If this fabulous week isn't one of the best reason for establishing an Internet community of like-minded artistic spirits, I don't know what is! Annica will be sending work for CYBER FYBER. Her embroidery is as magnificent as her personality....and that's saying A LOT!

Sharon Boggon, Stitch expert, TAST and TIF organizer

Sharon is an international fiber artist and teacher. She developed the 2007 on-line challenge TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) and the 2008 on-line challenge TIF (Take it Further). She also created the social network forum stitchin fingers and wrote the best on-line stitch dictionary available.

Below are the works Sharon Boggon is sending for CYBER FYBER.

Above: Sharon Boggon's postcard Two Fiddlers. Click on images to enlarge.)

Above: Sharon Boggon's postcard Ifootprint.

Above: Sharon Boggon's postcard Dragonfly.

(Below: Comments by Susan Lenz about selecting Sharon Boggon for CYBER FYBER's invitational art exhibition.)
Long before I knew what a blog was, I created a bibliography for the classes I taught through the South Carolina Arts Commission's Artist-in-residence program. It functioned as a way to quickly, easily, and effectively put information and resources into the hands of public school teachers. This bibliography has also been distributed to adults I've taught. Copies are available at Mouse House, my business, and in my studio...at all times. From the beginning, Sharon B's STITCH DICTIONARY has been included as the very best place to learn embroidery stitches. During 2007, I followed several blogs participating in Sharon B's "Take a Stitch Tuesday" challenge. Though I was not a member, I learned so very, very much. During 2008, I have enjoyed the work of those participating in Sharon B's "Take in Further Challenge". I am truly in awe of Sharon Boggon, her organizational skills, her willingness to impart love and learning in fibers, and her beautiful stitching. Sharon's blog is here.
--Susan Lenz

Doreen and Ebony Grey, Cyber Friends

Doreen Grey is a cyber friend to many, including CYBER FYBER. She was instrumental as a sounding board, proofreader, and site monitor. Doreen is also a modern day example of the grandmother teaching stitches to her nine-year old granddaughter Ebony, along with modern techniques and Internet exposure. Doreen is sending a piece especially created for the exhibition and Ebony’s first quilt. Ebony has traded over forty ATC cards internationally with her grandmother’s help. Several stitchers following the blog donated the quilt’s fabric.

(Click on image to enlarge. Above: Ebony's first quilt. To read about it's creation, click here.)

(Above: Doreen Grey's art quilt for CYBER FYBER. Below: Detail. Click on images to enlarge.)

(Below: Additional comments by Susan Lenz about selecting Doreen Grey for CYBER FYBER.)
For me, Doreen is one of the best reasons to establish an Internet community of like-minded artists. She is a FRIEND. Her comments are always supportive. Her blog is filled with inspiration about art, family, and life. She is generous and helpful. With her encouragement and proofreading skills, I was able to take on the task of creating CYBER FYBER. She was the first person to mail anything to me...quite unexpected...and it included my first fiber ATC and my first handmade postcard! I couldn't have tackled making these things without having the opportunity to study these in detail. Doreen provided addresses for other bloggers and volunteered to help, even before I could ask. Doreen's faithful completion of the weekly "Take a Stitch Tuesday" challenge through 2007 taught me loads about embroidery too.
--Susan Lenz

Friday, January 11, 2008

Corinne Stubson, fiber books

(Above and below: Flower Girl, altered book by Corinne Stubson. Click on images to enlarge.)

Corinne Stubson is a self-taught artist whose work with altered and artist books often includes lots of interesting fibers. She is one of the support team members of the Altered Book Yahoo Group and blogs about her creative journey. She has created a unique artist book especially for CYBER FYBER.
--Susan Lenz

Corinne's Statement for Flower Girl:

I created Flower Girl from my love of gardening, books, and Marimekko fabrics. For many years, the wonderful graphics, colors and design from Marimekko have fascinated me. When I was invited to exhibit my altered book sculpture art at CYBER FIBER, I knew I wanted to include my ‘loves’ in my artwork.

This ‘old girl’ has several of my humorous tendencies incorporated into her. For instance, the little door on the front cover has a latch to open it…but the latch isn’t necessary because the book cover opens anyway. The word ‘Secret’ on the door is a little enticement for the viewer…which few resist - inside the little door is the viewer’s peeking being ‘found out’….with the stamped words: “I knew you’d look”.

Living in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years has given this native Southern Californian a great appreciation for sunshine, gardening, water, flowers and warmth. I have incorporated my visual conception of these elements into ‘Flower Girl’ through the use of fabric and color. Where I wanted embellishment, I added acrylic paint, silk flowers, and a few strategically placed appliques. The addition of the collage image (from Ten Two Studios) of ‘Mother Nature’, inside the book, is my way of saying one can never have too much of a good thing!

Flower power to ALL people!

Corinne Stubson, mixed media and book artist
Medford, Oregon

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Penny Sisto, art quilter

(Above: Detail of Penny Sisto's Strange Fruit VI. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Penny Sisto's Strange Fruit VI. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Penny Sisto's Strange Fruit VI. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Penny Sisto's Strange Fruit VI. 54" x 40". Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Penny Sisto's Flying with a Pink Dress. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Penny Sisto's Flying with a Pink Dress. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Penny Sisto's Flying with a Pink Dress. 56" x 41". Click on image to enlarge.)

Penny Sisto is a professional fiber artist who uses her website as a tool to reach new audiences and connect with other fiber artists. Her work is about the diversity of people. She is sending two art quilts from her Slavery series for CYBER FYBER, including Flying in a Pink Dress (2007) and Strange Fruit VI.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beate Knappe, Embellishing

(Above: Detail, Autumn at the Forest by Beate Knappe.)

(Click on any image to enlarge. Autumn at the Forest by Beate Knappe.)

(Above: Another detail of Beate Knappe's Autumn at the Forest.)

(Click on any image to enlarge. Beate Knappe's My Funny Jolly Spring.)

(Above and below: Details of Beate Knappe's My Funny Jolly Spring.)

Beate Knappe creates and shares interesting embellished works including a production video on her blog. She is a professional fiber artist and photographer who has written and is marketing an instructional series for the embellisher in both German and English. Beate is sending Autumn at the Forest and My Funny Jolly Spring for CYBER FYBER.

(Below: Additional comments by Susan Lenz on Beate Knappe's selection for the CYBER FYBER invitational exhibition.)
Beate Knappe has beautifully accepted her invitation to exhibit with CYBER FYBER. This acceptance has really touched my heart because it was made with a huge leap of faith. Although I speak some German, I cannot write adequately in German. Without understanding the fine details, Beate accepted anyway. Fortunately, I have a dear friend Britta Cruz who now lives in Chicago. Britta was born and raised in Germany, has lived in Spain (and speaks Spanish fluently), and now resides with an adopted daughter (3 years old) and newly born twins, Aiden and Mia. Britta is a great ceramicist who also spins, knits, and expresses herself with fibers. I emailed my letter, Beate's response, and the link to CYBER FYBER. Within a few hours, Britta was typing to Beate. Britta is also now trading a postcard, and I am absolutely thrilled at the idea of having Beate's wonderful work in the exhibition! This is just another wonderful way in which the Internet has formed a supportive, global community for fiber artists.

Dijanne Cevaal, International fiber artist, curator, and author

Dijanne Cevaal is an internationally exhibiting fiber artist, curator, and author who shares her work on her blog. International travels, history, and environmental concerns figure heavily in her work. She is the international curator of the following traveling exhibitions:
2000 Australian Bounty (traveled to France, England, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia)
2001 Under the Southern Cross (traveled to the Netherlands, England, New Zealand, Australia)
2002 Twisted: Interpretations of the Natural Environment (traveled to England, the Netherlands and Australia)
2004 Organic (traveled to the Netherlands, Australia)
2005 Oceania (traveled to France)
2006 Across Australia (traveled to the Netherlands, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Israel, The Palestinian Territory, Australia)
2007 Sense of Place (traveled to Syria, France, Australia)
2008 My Place ( Australian coordinator)- an exhibition organized by New Zealand, South Africa

Below: Additional comments by Susan Lenz regarding Dijanne Cevaal's selection for CYBER FYBER.

Dijanne Cevaal's blog was the first fiber art blog I started reading. I was immediately in awe of her talents and abilities to infuse her work with strong concepts and imagery from her travels. Though I read regularly, I never commented. When starting CYBER FYBER, I put Dijanne Cevaal's name on my "wish list" but never thought she'd accept the invitation....but below is what happened on January 24, 2008:

"For the past few evenings I've written private, personal messages to a few of the artist's on my 'Wish List' for the invitational art portion of CYBER FYBER. Happily, acceptances followed. I thought that if I gathered a few artists, I might be able to persuade someone of Dijanne's reputation to join the group. I figured that the earliest I'd dare write to her would be in about a month.

Last night I checked CYBER FYBER's email. There was a message in my In Box...from Dijanne Cevaal...a comment was left on this very post...DIJANNE CEVAAL ACCEPTED MY INVITATION...I hadn't even written! If this isn't an absolutely stunning example of the power of communication through blogging and the Internet, I don't know what is! I feel utter elated and fully armed to write great art grant proposals and to solicit corporate sponsorship for this exhibition.

Thank you Dijanne! You are amazing!"

Veleta Staffney, Beaded Journal Pages

(Above: Wetlands by Veleta Staffney. 6" x 6". Hand beading. Click on image to enlarge.)

Veleta Staffney's beading is inspiration, whimsical, and wonderful. She generously shares her work on her blog, Sammy's Stuff. She has participated in a monthly beaded journal challenge and agreed to send three of these works for inclusion in CYBER FYBER. Veleta's blog is listed on several bead blogrings as well as other textile groups.

(Above: Mother Earth by Veleta Staffney. 6" x 6". Hand beading. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Midnight Lace by Veleta Staffney. 6" x 6". Hand beading. Click on image to enlarge.)

Jill Rumoshosky Werner, conceptual and 3D art quilter

Transformed by Jill Rumoshosky Werner. Click on image to enlarge. (This image might be replaced later....after the lighting has been set for the exhibition. I'm terrible with this aspect and have more experience help coming later in the week!)

CYBER FYBER's physical exhibition was installed on Thurday and Friday, January 1 and 2, 2009. Until this time, Transformed waited....neatly in its own beautiful fabric case. Then, quietly, with instructions in hand, I began to to assemble it.

Jill Rumoshosky Werner is a CONCEPTUAL 3-D art quilter. "Concept" includes attention to all the details....right down to perfectly fitted fleece wrappers for the individual components of the piece...complete with pretty, white ribbon closure ties....and enormous Ziploc bags for protection....and clearly written assemblage instructions....and pillowcases for the rollers and quilt. What I had feared might be a difficult task was obviously going to take but a few minutes...even preceding slowly and carefully!

The first few steps were easy enough!

The rollers went into place. The provided hanging device slipped into the fabric sleeve on the reverse of the quilt. The instruction said to mount it 72" up on the wall. I measured, set the two nails at 20 3/4" apart, and hung the quilt. That was it....up and looking BEAUTIFUL!

Not only is the artwork a perfect example of "transformed" but my already high opinion of Jill's work was "transformed" to any even more lofty place of admiration. This piece not only looks great....it is great on every conceivable level. It's execution went beyond the sewing machine, beyond an idealized vision of completion but to a point of perfection that allowed me to recreate this vision within minutes. I am in awe! Jill is simply brilliant!

Above is one of Jill's 3D art quilts, Discombobulated. The quilt is 2" wide by 10 yards long. As shown, it is 15" x 15" x 9". Made in 2001, this piece has been shown in a number of top notch exhibitions across the USA and was included in Popular Patchwork, a British publication in 2003. This is not the quilt that Jill sent for CYBER FYBER...but it was part of this blog post for most of 2008, the time in which CYBER FYBER was being put together. I love it. I just can't seem to delete it! So, even though it isn't really part of CYBER FYBER's physical exhibition...it is staying on this post....as inspiration, as another example of Jill's fanastic quality, conceptual approach, and creativity!

Reason for inclusion: Jill Rumoshosky Werner is an exceptional fiber artist whose approach to art quilts is outstandingly conceptual. She shares her humor, artistic journey, and new work on her blog. Following Jill's work was the result of a now defunct Yahoo Group.
--Susan Lenz

Updated: January 25, 2007
So, it has happened again. Before I ever wrote with my request to join CYBER FYBER in the invitational portion of the exhibition, an artist found the site and left a comment! JILL RUMOSHOSKY WERNER has accepted the invitation. I am thrilled...stunned!

Lynda Monk, experimental fiber artist

Lynda Monk has graciously accepted her invitation to display work at CYBER FYBER

Reason for inclusion: Lynda is a serious, fiber artist who documents many experiments and finished pieces on her blog but also generously shares well written tutorials on these techniques, free of charge on her website.
--Susan Lenz

(Updated January 27, 2008)