Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doreen and Ebony Grey, Cyber Friends

Doreen Grey is a cyber friend to many, including CYBER FYBER. She was instrumental as a sounding board, proofreader, and site monitor. Doreen is also a modern day example of the grandmother teaching stitches to her nine-year old granddaughter Ebony, along with modern techniques and Internet exposure. Doreen is sending a piece especially created for the exhibition and Ebony’s first quilt. Ebony has traded over forty ATC cards internationally with her grandmother’s help. Several stitchers following the blog donated the quilt’s fabric.

(Click on image to enlarge. Above: Ebony's first quilt. To read about it's creation, click here.)

(Above: Doreen Grey's art quilt for CYBER FYBER. Below: Detail. Click on images to enlarge.)

(Below: Additional comments by Susan Lenz about selecting Doreen Grey for CYBER FYBER.)
For me, Doreen is one of the best reasons to establish an Internet community of like-minded artists. She is a FRIEND. Her comments are always supportive. Her blog is filled with inspiration about art, family, and life. She is generous and helpful. With her encouragement and proofreading skills, I was able to take on the task of creating CYBER FYBER. She was the first person to mail anything to me...quite unexpected...and it included my first fiber ATC and my first handmade postcard! I couldn't have tackled making these things without having the opportunity to study these in detail. Doreen provided addresses for other bloggers and volunteered to help, even before I could ask. Doreen's faithful completion of the weekly "Take a Stitch Tuesday" challenge through 2007 taught me loads about embroidery too.
--Susan Lenz


Linda Lynch said...

Ebony, you are amazing! You did a beautiful job on your quilt, from the decisions to the finishing touches. It is inspiring to see a grandmother teach a granddaughter. I live far from my granddaughter, but when I spend time with her I do my best to pass on these traditions, and she loves it! I love Doreen's quilt, the colors are magical.

hippopip said...

Its is lovely to see both quilts, and the joy of teaching a young one,I found like you Doreen it was hard not to start to take over,well done the pair of you.