Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dijanne Cevaal, International fiber artist, curator, and author

Dijanne Cevaal is an internationally exhibiting fiber artist, curator, and author who shares her work on her blog. International travels, history, and environmental concerns figure heavily in her work. She is the international curator of the following traveling exhibitions:
2000 Australian Bounty (traveled to France, England, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia)
2001 Under the Southern Cross (traveled to the Netherlands, England, New Zealand, Australia)
2002 Twisted: Interpretations of the Natural Environment (traveled to England, the Netherlands and Australia)
2004 Organic (traveled to the Netherlands, Australia)
2005 Oceania (traveled to France)
2006 Across Australia (traveled to the Netherlands, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Israel, The Palestinian Territory, Australia)
2007 Sense of Place (traveled to Syria, France, Australia)
2008 My Place ( Australian coordinator)- an exhibition organized by New Zealand, South Africa

Below: Additional comments by Susan Lenz regarding Dijanne Cevaal's selection for CYBER FYBER.

Dijanne Cevaal's blog was the first fiber art blog I started reading. I was immediately in awe of her talents and abilities to infuse her work with strong concepts and imagery from her travels. Though I read regularly, I never commented. When starting CYBER FYBER, I put Dijanne Cevaal's name on my "wish list" but never thought she'd accept the invitation....but below is what happened on January 24, 2008:

"For the past few evenings I've written private, personal messages to a few of the artist's on my 'Wish List' for the invitational art portion of CYBER FYBER. Happily, acceptances followed. I thought that if I gathered a few artists, I might be able to persuade someone of Dijanne's reputation to join the group. I figured that the earliest I'd dare write to her would be in about a month.

Last night I checked CYBER FYBER's email. There was a message in my In Box...from Dijanne Cevaal...a comment was left on this very post...DIJANNE CEVAAL ACCEPTED MY INVITATION...I hadn't even written! If this isn't an absolutely stunning example of the power of communication through blogging and the Internet, I don't know what is! I feel utter elated and fully armed to write great art grant proposals and to solicit corporate sponsorship for this exhibition.

Thank you Dijanne! You are amazing!"


Dijanne Cevaal said...

HI Susan

I would be delighted to accept your invitation to exhibti in Cyber Fyber with sucha list of wonderful artists!

lindacreates said...

Beautiful, incredible fiber art! The colors are amazing and I am in awe of the thousands and thousands of handstitches.