Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sharon Boggon, Stitch expert, TAST and TIF organizer

Sharon is an international fiber artist and teacher. She developed the 2007 on-line challenge TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) and the 2008 on-line challenge TIF (Take it Further). She also created the social network forum stitchin fingers and wrote the best on-line stitch dictionary available.

Below are the works Sharon Boggon is sending for CYBER FYBER.

Above: Sharon Boggon's postcard Two Fiddlers. Click on images to enlarge.)

Above: Sharon Boggon's postcard Ifootprint.

Above: Sharon Boggon's postcard Dragonfly.

(Below: Comments by Susan Lenz about selecting Sharon Boggon for CYBER FYBER's invitational art exhibition.)
Long before I knew what a blog was, I created a bibliography for the classes I taught through the South Carolina Arts Commission's Artist-in-residence program. It functioned as a way to quickly, easily, and effectively put information and resources into the hands of public school teachers. This bibliography has also been distributed to adults I've taught. Copies are available at Mouse House, my business, and in my all times. From the beginning, Sharon B's STITCH DICTIONARY has been included as the very best place to learn embroidery stitches. During 2007, I followed several blogs participating in Sharon B's "Take a Stitch Tuesday" challenge. Though I was not a member, I learned so very, very much. During 2008, I have enjoyed the work of those participating in Sharon B's "Take in Further Challenge". I am truly in awe of Sharon Boggon, her organizational skills, her willingness to impart love and learning in fibers, and her beautiful stitching. Sharon's blog is here.
--Susan Lenz


Linda Lynch said...

I too am in awe of Sharon. Amazing!

Liz said...

Sharon's was the first textile blog I came across, too - and the inspiration for starting my own!

You might like to note that Sharon's blog has changed to