Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Annica Lindsten, Sweden

(Above: Looking Closely. Handpainted silk fabric, needlefelted with wool fibers. Handstitched. 14" x 10". Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Looking Closely. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Far Away. Hand-painted silk fabric, needlefelted with wool fibers. Handstitched. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Far Away. Click on image to enlarge.)

Annica Lindsten is a fabulous embroiderer in Sweden. She was influential with the 2008 Swedish Embroidery Symposium. Because of her blog-promotions, an international faculty was selected and international students (like me!) attended. Below are some of the earlier words that had been this blog post!

(Above: Annica, Sara Lechner, and I in Stockholm!)

UPDATE! August 2008!
The experience of going to Sweden, meeting blogging buddy Annica, taking class with Tilleke Schwarz, getting to know Sara Lechner, and stitching with fellow fiber enthusiasts from Sweden and beyond was WONDERFUL! If this fabulous week isn't one of the best reason for establishing an Internet community of like-minded artistic spirits, I don't know what is! Annica will be sending work for CYBER FYBER. Her embroidery is as magnificent as her personality....and that's saying A LOT!


Hanna said...

Is this all you're going to say about it? When? What? Where? I need to know ... Where do I register?
LOL Well, since I live in Sweden I would very much love to be part of the symposium in August, so I would really love more details of the event.

lindacreates said...

Annica's work is amazing. I do a little bit of needle felting and am in awe of her work. The colors and the stitching!

Sarah Zambiasi Art said...

What a wonderful experience travelling to Sweden & meeting fantastic artists...the beauty of the internet:)