Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wanda Lenz, Traditional Embroiderer

(Above and below: Wanda Lenz's Blackwork. Click on images to enlarge.)

(Above: This is a Leon Conrad design called Medieval Majesty and stitched by Wanda Lenz.)

One of the best reasons to establish an on-line presence for one's artistic work is for the ease of sharing a creative journey with family. Wanda and Susan Lenz are sisters. They share their embroidery through their blogs. Susan, the organizer of CYBER FYBER, lives in South Carolina; her blog is here. Wanda lives in Munich, Germany; her blog is here. They comment frequently on one another's work. Wanda Lenz is also the only traditional stitcher included in CYBER FYBER. She is an expert in cross stitch and blackwork embroidery. She has started goldwork and is experimenting with the use of stone beads in traditional, counted embroidery.


Wanda said...

I accept the invititation with thanks, humility and gratitude.

Doreen G said...

What an amazing piece of Blackwork Wanda it must have taken an incredible amount of time to do it.

Leon Conrad said...

nice work, Wanda - Leon :)

Unknown said...

Hey Wanda this a blast from your past its Valerie laughner do you remember me ?/I spoke to your sister Sonya I'm on Facebook under the name Valerie Boss hope all is well hope to hear from you sometime