Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Emmy Schoonbeek, embroiderer and TAST fiber book

(Above: Emmy Schoonbeek's Garden. Art quilt. 18" x 16 1/2". Hand and machine embrodiery. Beading. Click on image to enlarge.)

Emmy Schoonbeek, of The Netherlands, is the fantastic embroiderer who has created a fiber book from her TAST challenge of 2008. I've created a video of this wonderful art book. Her hand stitching is just amazing. Along with the fiber TAST book, Emmy sent Garden and Overvloed to be displayed at CYBER FYBER.

(Above: Detail of Garden. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Overvloed by Emmy Schoonbeek. 15 1/4" x 17 1/4". Hand embroidery and beading. Needle felting. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Detail of Overvloed. Click on image to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

Peace be with you

Linda Lynch said...

The garden quilt is amazing! The hours and hours and hours Emmy stitched is inspiring. The black and white piece is also wonderful. Thank you for sharing your art Emmy!

Anonymous said...

What an inspiration that Garden piece is. I could spend hours just staring at the stitching. Beautiful piece.